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Boat Registration

California DMV Boat Registration – The Tag Shop

Boat Registration
Skip the line to Register Your Boat!

California Law requires that all owners of boats or vessels register their boat in the State of California at the time of purchase. Boat Registration renews every other year and costs $36.00 for the registration. If your boat is a documents vessel, California boat registration does not apply to you, as you are registered with the US Coast Guard.

Renew Boat Registration – The Tag Shop

If your boat is currently registered in California all you need to do is renew the registration. The following information is needed so The Tag Shop can renew your boat registration.

A. Boat Renewal Notice From the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

B. If you do not have that, please have the Hull Identification number and Certificate Number so we can register the boat. You will be required to sign a Application for Duplicate Documents Form(Reg 156) at the time of renewal.

C. If you will be using your boat exclusively in the ocean waters a Statement of Facts is Required (Reg 256), so you do not have to pay the Quagga Mussel Fee of $16.00.

D. Pay the Fee of $20.00 or $36.00 depending on if you are exempt from the Quagga Mussel Fee.

Register a Boat From Out of State

If you are new to California and need to obtain boat registration in California, The Tag Shop can quickly process your boat registration so you can be out on the water. You will need to bring the following documents with you, when you come to obtain your new boat registration.

A. The Tag Shop will prepare a Boat 101 (Application For Registration Number Certificate)

B. The boat title from the state it was previously registered in.

C. A picture of the Emissions hang tag to verify your boat meets California Emission Standards if your boat was manufactured after January 1st, 2009.

D. If you do not have a title from the previous state, Call The Tag Shop so we can discuss the options available to you. Depending on the value, a vessel bond may be required to register your boat.

Note: If you purchased your boat within 365 days of entering California, sales tax may apply.

California Boat Title Transfer

A boat title transfer is very similar to a Vehicle Title Transfer. If you are the buyer, you will need to have to obtain the ownership certificate from the seller. The following documents are required to process your boat registration title transfer at The Tag Shop.

A. Ownership Certificate (Properly Endorsed) or a Reg 227 (Application for Duplicate Title)

B. Pay the required fee’s and you are all set to enjoy your time on the water.

Note: If you purchased a trailer with the boat ensure the sale price is reflected accurately. For example, if you paid $5000.00 for the boat and trailer split the sales prices based on the value of each vehicle or vessel. Otherwise, you can pay double sales tax to the California Department of Motor Vehicles.



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