DMV Open Saturday

San Diego DMV Open Saturday June 16, 2018

DMV Open Saturday San Diego

The DMV announced that they will open 40 field offices beginning Saturday June 16, 2018 and will be open on June 23,2018 as well. The reason the DMV has decided to open the field offices on Saturday is because of the wait times customers are experiencing when they need to go to a local field office. Wait times at some of the DMV field offices are in excess of 4 hours. Opening on Saturday may be the Department of Motor Vehicles answer to the question, but lets face it, who wants to spend their Saturday  at the DMV.

The reason the DMV is experiencing increased wait times is because of the California Real ID requirement. By 2020, you will need a California Real ID if you want to board a plane for domestic travel in the United State. There are millions of motorists who need to obtain the Real ID, so it is not hard to imagine the wait times at the DMV.  Adding to the problem is the way the DMV was trying to expedite the process and the system the employed was riddled with glitches. So between glitches and probably lack of training, the DMV lines keep getting longer and longer.

San Diego DMV Open Saturday

The DMV will be opening the following offices in San Diego, Ca on Saturday

The Tag Shop DMV San Diego Open Saturday

DMV Near Me San Diego
San Diego DMV Near Me

The Tag Shop DMV San Diego located at 6414 University Ave San Diego, Ca 92115. This office is a DMV business partner and they are open on Saturdays and Sundays. We perform vehicle registration and titling, as well as other DMV services. The Tag Shop DMV San Diego is committed to helping the customers renew their car registration transferring titles, and registering out of state vehicles. We are located on University Ave, right across the street from Oreilly Auto Parts.



Chula Vista DMV open saturday

Chula Vista DMV Open Saturday
Chula Vista DMV Open Saturday

This office is located at 30 N Glover Ave  Chula Vista, Ca 91910. You can not call the Chula Vista DMV directly, so if you need to get in to contact with this office please call the DMV customer service number at 1-800-777-0133. The DMV customer service number can answer any questions you may have regarding Drivers License, Registration, or Disabled Placards. Chula Vista is a community just south of San Diego and can be reached via the I-5 or 805

POWAY DMV open saturday

Poway DMV Open Saturday
Poway DMV Open On Saturday

This office is located at 13461 Community Rd, Poway, CA 92064. The Poway DMV was experiencing wait times in excess of 5 hours. This is one of the reasons why the DMV decided to open this office Saturday. Poway is small community and the excess traffic has overwhelmed this office. Poway is located off of I-15 about 15 minutes north of San Diego County. If you are coming from east county you can reach Poway by way of State Route 67.


San Marcos DMV Open Saturday


This office is located at  590 Rancheros Dr, San Marcos, CA 92069. This is

San Marcos DMV Open Saturday
San Marcos DMV Field Office

The newest of all DMV field offices in San Diego County. The San Marcos DMV office is state of the art but that does not prevent the lack of efficiency that this office is known for. You may spend your saturday and sunday at this office because it is very inefficient. On the other hand if you go on one of the first Saturdays they are open, you might be lucky and get in and out. San Marcos is located about 30 minutes north of San Diego County and can be reached via I-15. From the I-15 take the 78 west and exit Barnham/Woodland Parkway and turn left on Racheros Dr.


Do not spend your Saturday at the DMV unless it is the only solution to your problem. For example, The DMV is the only office that can do drivers licesne, so they leave you with no choice but to visit your local field office. If you need new car tags or just bought a new car and need to register it, there is a better way. The Tag Shop DMV San Diego, where you are always first in line. We understand your time is valuable and provide the absolute best service. We have vehicle registration experts on staff that understand the California Vehicle Code better than any DMV technician ever would. Why is this the case? Because The Tag Shop DMV San Diego cares about you.

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