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DMV Registration Suspension


DMV Registration Suspension
CA DMV Notice of Intent to Suspend Registration

The California Department of Motor Vehicles requires all motorist who own a vehicle in the State of California to carry liability insurance on the motor vehicle or you will get a DMV Registration Suspension placed on your vehicle registration.

Essentially what this means, is a stop will be placed on your motor vehicle registration and you will be required to pay a $14.00 fee and provide proof of insurance coverage. A majority of California motorists are not aware that they have suspended registration in till they go to the local DMV field office to renew car registration.

A DMV Registration Suspension can result in your vehicle being towed and a fine. You must have a liability insurance policy with limits of 15/30/5. You might ask yourself what does 15/30/5 mean as it pertains to a liability insurance policy.

$15,000 – This is the amount that your insurance will pay out if a injury or death occurs if your are involved in a accident and do not have car insurance.

$30,000 – This is the amount if you are involved in a accident that your automobile insurance company will pay  if injury or death occurs to more than 1 person.

$5,000 – This amount that your insurance will pay out if there is any damage to property as a result of your collision.

The amounts listed above are the minimums that the State of California, Department of Motor Vehicles requires so you do not get hit with a DMV Registration Suspension. If you are involved in a accident and it is determined to be your fault and the amount of injury or death exceeds the minimums, you are still liable for the amount above the minimum liability insurance coverage. A vast majority of motorists just maintain the minimum insurance cover limits so the avoid a DMV Registration Suspension being placed on their vehicle registration.

How To Clear Suspended Registration

Once you have determined that you have suspended registration, you must clear the suspension immediately so that your motor vehicle does not get towed and you do not have to pay a heavy fine.

Step 1 – Obtain minimum liability insurance for the motor vehicle that has a DMV Registration Suspension.

Step 2 – Pay the $14.00 fee that is required by the Department of Motor Vehicles. Pay $14.00 Fee

Step 3 – Wait a minimum of 72 hours for the DMV Registration Suspension to post to the vehicle registration account.

Important – The local DMV field office does not handle suspended registration, so do not wait in line at a field office if you are there for a DMV Registration Suspension.

The Tag Shop DMV San Diego can clear your suspended registration immediately for a $20.00 Fee and then we can process your vehicle registration so your vehicle does not get towed or you incur a fine.

If you do not choose to use the Tag Shop DMV San Diego to clear your suspended registration and you have no way of paying online you can mail your proof of insurance and payment to the following address.

P.O. Box 997405
Sacramento, CA 95899-7405

How To Keep Your Vehicle Registration From Being Suspended

If you receive a notice from the California DMV titled “Intent To Suspend”, you must comply with the notice or you will incur a DMV Registration Suspension. There a a couple options that we will outline to keep you from getting A DMV Registration Suspension placed on your motor vehicle registration.

Step 1 – Send proof of insurance to the DMV in keeping timely with the Notice of Intent to Suspend.

Step 2 – If you are not operating the vehicle submit a Affidavit of Non Use.

An Affidavit of Non Use is used to tell the CA DMV that you are not operating your vehicle on a California Publiv Highway and it is not required to be insured during this time. This will prevent them from suspending your vehicle registration and keep you from having to pay the $14.00 fee that is required if your vehicle registration does get a DMV Registration Suspension.

The Tag Shop can assist you with any questions you may have regarding the California DMV Vehicle Registration Suspensions and Insurance Program. Call 619-609-3189.


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