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Replace Lost Registration Card

Replacing A Lost Registration Card

Loosing your car registration and finding out it is lost, never occurs at the most opportune moment. Usually, when you find out you have lost car registration is when you need it most. Going to take a visit from San Diego to Tijuana and Border inspector asks for your lost registration card? People start to panic and their day just starts to go downhill, all because of a lost registration card.  The good news is there is no reason to panic any longer when you have lost your registration card. The Tag Shop DMV San Diego has you covered and will explain in depth the procedures for replacing a lost vehicle registration card.

Procedures for Replacing Lost Registration Card

The Department of Motor Vehicles only required one form to filled out for replacing lost car registration. The form you are required to fill out is titled Application For Replacement Plates, Stickers Documents.

Lost Car Registration
Form Required to Replace Lost Car Registration.

How To Fill Out Lost Car Registration Form

You will notice the California DMV form above is divided in to five sections once you have completed the vehicle information at the top of the form

  1. Obtain the vehicle identification number and license plate number for the vehicle you wish to replace the lost registration card and fill on the titled blocks on the top section of the lost vehicle registration form(Reg 156)
  2. Section 1 – This section requires the registered owner to fill in his or her information in the provided blocks. If there is more than one owner of the vehicle, in which you are replacing the lost registration card you must provide his or her information, too. Remember do not forget to fill in the drivers license number for each registered owner.
  1. Section 2 – Requires the vehicle registration owner to check the block for registration card. This document is used for multiple transactions, so only check the registration card block.
  2. Section 3 – This section of the lost car registration form asks the vehicle registration owner to check what happened to the document. The DMV has been kind enough to label a block “Lost”, so just check the lost box on duplicate registration card form.
  3. Section 4 – This section of the duplicate registration card form(Reg 156) is only if the car registration owner has lost his or her license plates. In this case we are only replacing a lost car registration card so this section is not required to completed.
  4. Section 5 – This section requires signature of at least one of the registered owners of the car that requires a duplicate registration card. If a company is the registered owner of the vehicle then put the title of the position of the person who is signing the lost car registration form.

The form is complete and now you can head to you local San Diego DMV, to replace your lost registration card. The DMV has 8 field office in San Diego County to assist motorists in San Diego with their vehicle registration transactions. Often these San Diego DMV field offices are over loaded and an extended wait time will be in your future. There is a better way!

Skip The Line at The Tag Shop DMV San Diego

The Tag Shop can issue you a replacement registration card in seconds. You read that correctly, a lost registration card replacing in seconds and you don’t have to fill the form out. The Tag Shop DMV San Diego will fill out the application for replacement documents for you and hand you a replacement registration card in no time flat.

Fee For Replacing A Lost Registration Card

The California Department of Motor Vehicles requires the registered owner of the vehicle to pay a $21.00 fee when replacing a lost car registration. The Tag Shop charges $29.00 to process the replacement registration card. Your time is valuable and $29.00 to Skip the Line is well worth the price of a replacement registration card. If you are stuck at the Mexican Border without a registration card, call the Tag Shop we can help you get in to Mexico and not miss your vacation or planned event.


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