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Replace Lost Car Title

Replace Lost Car Title

Lost Car Title, Duplicate Title
Replace Lost Car Title

If you have lost your car title, you might be in panic mode about right now! Knowing the ins and outs of the California DMV, The Tag Shop DMV San Diego can honestly advise you not to panic about a lost car title. Yes the title is an extremely important document and should be stored somewhere safe so it is not lost, but it is definitely replaceable.

Before Applying For Replacement Title:

Did you really loose your title? I can not count the number of motorist who have came in to the DMV and were worried sick about their lost car title. Just to find out it was never issued in the first place. Below are some examples, which will explain why you never had a car title.

The Vehicle was Financed and the legal owner has the title

You moved to California and your vehicle was titled in another state when you had your vehicle registered here initially. California issued registration only, commonly referred to a Golden Rod Non-Resident Vehicle Transaction. If this is the case you must contact the State your car was previously registered in to obtain a duplicate title.

The lost car title was mailed to your from the legal owner when you paid your vehicle off but your mailing address was never updated. The title was returned to the California DMV and you need to update your mailing address to obtain the duplicate.

Permanent Registration in California for trailers are never issued titles unless you specifically request one and pay the fee.

The transaction you started was never finished(Commonly referred to as RDF status). This would result from a situation where you purchased a vehicle and never completed something the Department of Motor Vehicles needed to finish the transaction. Most commonly the smog check is what is holding up a duplicate title replacement.

How To Apply for A Duplicate Car Title

So you have went through each scenario above and you have officially lost the car title. You must visit the San Diego DMV or The Tag Shop to obtain a duplicate. You will need to fill out an Application for Duplicate Title in order to receive a replacement title from the San Diego DMV.

Lost Car Title
Form For Replacing Lost Car Title

How to fill out the Application For Replacement Title

The first step in filling out the (Reg 227) Application For Replacement Title for your lost car registration is checking the  box duplicate title.

Next, you will fill in the license plate numbe, VIN, year, and make. This information can be obtained from your vehicle registration card.

Section 1 -This section collects the registered owner information and you are required to complete this section in full. If there is more than 1 registered owner listed on the vehicle registration make sure to include their information as well. If your physical address is different than your mailing address make sure to include your mailing address so the replacement title does not become another lost car title.

Section 2 – This only required if their is a legal owner listed on your vehicle registration. If there is a legal owner listed on your vehicle registration, chances are you have not lost your car title and they have a copy of it, either physically or electronically.

Section 3 – Check the appropriate box the led to the circumstances surrounding your lost car title. Then sign and date the form and make sure to include your telephone number.

Processing Your Replacement Title

There are 3 ways to process the application for replacement title

Make a visit to your local San Diego DMV field office, stand in line and once you have been there all day they will call you to window and collect the fee’s for replacing the lost car title

Send the Application for Replacement Title by mail to Sacramento with a check for the fee. The problem with this method for replacing your lost car title is you will not know if it is processed or not in till it never come in the mail and now you have to wait on hold with the CA DMV 1-800-777-0133 for 2 hours to inquire about your lost car title.

The Tag Shop Licensed by DMV can order your title in less than 5 minutes and your do not even need to fill out the replacement title form because our trained staff will do it for you for a grand total of $60.00

Skip the Line at The Tag Shop and take the pain out of replacing your lost car title. 

Selling Car With No Title? Call The Tag Shop we have helped many buyers and sellers comfortably accomplish the process.

If you have a car for sale and have lost the title, The Tag Shop can transfer the vehicle straight in to the buyers name and issue the replacement title to the buyer. Don’t loose your sale of a vehicle because of a lost title. Call 619-609-3189 today and we can help the seller and buyer complete the process of selling a vehicle with a lost car title.


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