Active Duty Military Receive Discount On Car Registration In California

Military Vehicle Registration Discount

Military Vehicle Registration Discount
Active Duty Military Exemption

If you are active duty military stationed in San Diego, Ca and are from a state other than California you qualify for a military vehicle registration discount on your car registration fee’s if you are stationed in California. This is a great benefit as the vehicle registration fee’s in California on the rise. California DMV enacted a transportation improvement fee that added a significant cost to the the vehicle registration in California. Now is the time more than ever to make sure you are paying the correct car registration fee’s to the State of California so you are throwing your money down the drain.

Active Duty Navy, Marines, Army, and Coast Gaurd Vehicle Registration Exemption

Your commitment to our nation has earned you the right to obtain reduced car registration fee’s when you are transferred to a base in California. Do not pay your registration online with the DMV as there is no way to get your military vehicle registration discount. The following procedures should be followed to obtain your military vehicle registration discount.

  1. Fill out the following form: Reg 5045 Military Vehicle Registration Exemption Form
  2. Make sure you have a copy of your military ID when you come to the office.
  3. Pay your discounted fee’s and you will receive your car registration.



Military Spouse Non Resident Vehicle Registration Discount

If you are a spouse of an active duty military member, you are entitled to a discount on your car registration as well. You must be married and both you and your spouse must not be residents of the State of California. The Tag Shop consistently see’s military members stationed in the San Diego paying the full registration fee’s when they are entitled to discounted vehicle registration. The following item are needed for the military spouse to obtain the Non Resident Vehicle Registration Discount.

  1. Fill out the military spouse non resident exemption form: Reg 5045
  2. Go to your local DMV field office and pay your registration fees.
  3. Apply you car registration sticker to your license plate.

Military Spouse Power of Attorney

If you significant other is deployed and their car registration is expired, you can obtain the vehicle registration and receive the vehicle registration if you have a power of attorney appointing you to do so. It is advisable to obtain a power of attorney prior to your spouse departing. The legal office at the command you are attached to can provide a notarized power of attorney for no fee.

Military Expired Registration Fee Waiver

If  you are active duty and have expired registration is expired and you have accrued penalties you may be eligible for a penalty waiver.  You must have been deployed prior to the expiration date and you must post the fee’s within 60 days of returning from deployment. When you come in to the office you need to bring a copy of your orders and complete a statement of facts in order to waive you penalties for expired registration. The Tag Shop DMV San Diego will ensure you pay the cheapest vehicle registration fee every time you need a DMV military vehicle registration discount.

Military Register Vehicle In Your Home State

If you are from a state other  than California you have two options when it comes time to register your car. The sailors and soldiers relief act states that you can keep your vehicle registered in the state you claim residence. Often this is helpful for reducing registration fee’s but sometimes it can be extremely helpful for you to communicate with your out of state DMV. If  you need help registering your vehicle in your home of record, The Tag Shop can perform the VIN Verification that most states require in order to get your vehicle titled out of state.

Military Smog Check

If you need a smog check to register your out of state vehicle in your home of record, The Tag Shop DMV San Diego can help!  If your vehicle is currently registered in your home state and you need a smog check for base access we can help with that, too. The Tag Shop DMV San Diego is veteran owned and we love to help military members obtain discounted vehicle registration.

The Tag Shop DMV San Diego is open 7 days a week to help active duty Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, and Army members get their vehicle registered hassle free. Call 619-609-3189 today with any questions you have and one of our DMV Vehicle Registration clerks will assist you.

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