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Pay Toll And Parking Tickets

Pay Toll or Parking Tickets

Pay Toll Ticket
The 125 Toll Road Entrance

Your car registration is expiring and you found out you have to pay toll or parking citations attached to your DMV vehicle registration. Most of us do not budget for this kind of expenditure. The CA DMV will not issue your car registration unless the violations are paid in full.

Toll Violations

Toll violations are a fairly common occurrence in this age because of GPS navigation. Most of our customers say the same thing when they find out they have to pay toll tickets on their registration. “The GPS navigation took me on the toll road and I had no clue.” There is quite a bit of validity to this statement. If you start looking at the features on your smart phone navigation, there is a button to avoid toll roads. One would think the default position of that button would be in the “On” position, but that is not the case. You actually have to go in to the application and turn it on so you do not wind up having to pay toll tickets when your vehicle registration expires.

Toll Roads In San Diego County

San Diego County has only one true toll road and that is State Route 125, better known as just the 125. The route runs from Spring Valley to the Otay Mesa border and travels through Eastlake a suburb in Chula Vista. If find yourself accidentally on this toll road, do not worry! You can pay by plate for up to 72 hours after you traversed the route without a toll violation.

There is another spot in  San Diego County where your can find yourself paying toll tickets if you are not careful and that is Interstate 15. Interstate 15 is not a toll road, but it does have fast track lanes that require payment to use. Many motorists in San Diego County find themselves not wanting to get stuck in traffic  and use the lanes when they are not authorized to do so. This results in having to pay toll tickets when there vehicle registration comes due.

Where to Pay Toll Citations or Parking Tickets


San Diego Residents have several options to pay tickets. The most common method of paying the toll ticket is for the motorist to call the Toll Road and ask to pay the ticket. This method works, but if the ticket is already showing on your car registration, you will have to wait for the toll road to electronically remove the toll tickets from the CA DMV database to obtain your vehicle registration.

Contact Details for the Southbay Expressway

Phone:(619) 661-7070  Website:

The second method is to pay the DMV directly. This is the fastest method if you need to renew car registration. Basically, you pay toll citations at the time your vehicle registration in processed. The Tag Shop DMV San Diego has the ability to process your toll citations from any jurisdiction in the State of California. This is very convenient for San Diego County Motorists trying to renew car registration.

Parking Tickets

Parking tickets issued by a city, county, college, or state government are attached to the vehicle registration if not paid in a timely fashion. Parking tickets are not just for being illegally parked. Many jurisdictions issue parking tickets for vehicle registration violations, as well. For example, a San Diego County Motorist is parked on a public road and has expired vehicle registration. The parking cop will issue a citation to that vehicle. The Tag Shop has witnessed motorist receiving numerous citations in the same day. It is imperative if you have expired car registration, lost car tag, or any other registration violation do not park on any California Public Highway.

These parking tickets just like paying toll tickets can be paid at the local jurisdiction directly. Many local agencies outsource the collection methods for the parking tickets so more often than not, the only way to pay is via telephone or online. This results in a delay when applying to renew vehicle registration at the California Department of Motor Vehicles. A directory to locate the jurisdictions in San Diego County who issue parking citation is coming soon. Below is a line to the City of San Diego, the biggest jurisdiction issuing parking tickets in San Diego County.

Pay a Parking Citation

Please contact Parking Administration:

  1. San Diego Count Online Parking Ticket Processing
  2. By Mail: PO Box 6010, Inglewood, CA 90312-6010 (Make check payable to City Treasurer)
  3. In-person:

City of San Diego
Parking Administration
Plaza Hall – 202 C St.
San Diego, CA 92101

Hours: Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Phone: 866-470-1308


The Tag Shop DMV San Diego can collect for parking tickets if they have been attached to your vehicle registration. This results in zero delay in obtaining your vehicle registration.

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