How do I replace license plates if they are stolen?

How do I replace  stolen license plates?

If you license plates or sticker has been lost or stolen, do not panic. The Tag Shop knows it can be a stressful situation when this happens! Thieves are stealing just about everything, including license plates and sticker. If your car tag is stolen there is no need to call the police. On the other hand, if your license plates are stolen you do need to call the police and file a police report with the San Diego Police Department or whatever jurisdiction the license plates were stolen from. Once you have made a report you can stop by The Tag Shop DMV San Diego and we can issue you a set of duplicate license plates, so you are back on the road legally.The Tag Shop can replace stolen license plates.

What to do when someone stole my car tag?

As mentioned above there is no need to call the police when some one has stolen you car tag. You will however have to replace your car tag and pay the DMV a fee for doing so. That is the most ridiculous part of the process. It is not your fault that someone has stolen you registration sticker, but you have to foot the bill for it! The Tag Shop understands your situation but the State of California makes us charge for the stolen sticker or car tag.

How to keep your car tag from being ripped off?

When you apply a new car tag or registration sticker to your car it is a good idea to take preventative measures to keep it from being stolen. The Tag Shop when we install registration stickers or car tags always takes the time to remove the old stickers. This makes it hard for a thief to steal you vehicle registration sticker. Once you have removed the old sticker, make sure after you apply the new one to take a razor blade and slice it several times so it can be stolen.

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