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VIN Verification San Diego

VIN Verification – VIN Verifier

VIN Verification
VIN Verification Form to Obtain Vehicle Registration

A VIN Verifier is a person licensed by the California Department of Motor Vehicles to perform a VIN Verification or VIN Inspections on vehicles. The Department of Motor Vehicles requires the person to undergo a Department of Justice background check and post a bond before they can become a permit holder to perform VIN Verifications.

An employee of the Department of Motor Vehicles, California Highway Patrol, or an employee of an Auto Club can perform VIN inspections, too.

A licensed VIN Verifier can perform VIN Verifications on many types of vehicles. The DMV or CHP can only perform VIN Verifications on Salvage Vehicles.

The California DMV requires your car’s VIN to be verified by the DMV, CHP, or a Licensed VIN Verifier when the vehicle is first trying to obtain California Vehicle Registration. The Tag Shop has 4 licensed VIN Verifiers on staff to assist you with this process. There is no need to wait in line at the San Diego DMV for a VIN Verification when you can come the The Tag Shop – DMV San Diego and have your VIN Verification completed in minutes. We offer on-site smog as well. This means you can register a out of state vehicle instantly at The Tag Shop -San Diego DMV.

Reasons for California DMV VIN Verification:

Non-Resident Vehicle (Out of State License Plates)

Salvaged Vehicle (Been in some sort of accident)

Odometer Correction (The mileage on the vehicle may have been reported wrong at some point)

VIN Correction (The VIN was found to be incorrect at some point after obtaining vehicle registration

Military Non-Residents:

The Tag Shop can perform VIN Inspections so that you may register your car in your home state.

What Is Inspected During a VIN Verification

A VIN Verification is a specific inspection only to ensure the VIN is correct and it matches the titling documents. Additionally, the USMVSS(Federal Label) is checked as the secondary VIN and the emissions label is checked for emissions compatibility. Lastly, the odometer and airbag system are inspected for proper operation.

Emissions Label:

California Vehicle Registration Emissions Label
California Certified Emissions Label

Verify that your emissions label is affixed under the hood prior to coming in for your VIN verification. If your label is not there please call The Tag Shop so we can order you one.

Federal Label:

VIN Verification
Federal Label

Your vehicle should have a US Federal Label affixed in the driver door jam. This label contains the VIN number of your vehicle and states that your vehicle conforms to US Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

VIN Location:

VIN Number Location
VIN Is Located In Lower Left Windshield

The primary VIN is located in the lower left corner of the windshield. The Tag Shop advises that you make sure that if you are having your windshield replaced that the VIN is still view-able after installing the after market windshield.

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